14th International Workshop

Present Earth Surface Processes and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia


Field forum:

Giant glaciogenic floods in Altai: geomorphological, geological and hydrological aspects


Special session:

Geology and Magmatism of the Altai Orogen (with a separate excursion)


Novosibirsk – Altai – Novosibirsk

September 15-21, 2017


All services for the session are closed.

Important Workshop and post-Workshop materials (main session) are in the following documents:


Organizers and sponsors Circular #2 Circular #3
List of participants Abstract volume 1 Guidebook 2017
Selected papers Photo gallery Special session Web-page


Supplementary data:

Materials of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) Regional Conference

"Gradualism vs catastrophism in landscape evolution" (Barnaul, Russia, July 2-4, 2015)


Guidebook 2015 Selected papers 2015



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